I'm a rural Midwesterner surrounded by groundbeef aficionados. And, yes, here in Eastern Nebraska groundbeef is one word, as is Buschlite, and jakebrake.

My wife and I honeymooned in NYC, and our days were shaped around food. We ate at Katz's, Alma (in Brooklyn), Home—which is sadly closed now—and a dozen other restaurants.

What we didn't do was take an elevator to the top of any towers or stroll in Central Park, so as far as I'm concerned, food is culture, as is a petri dish.

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Gary's photographer needs some real credit: thank you!

The delightful photos, usually of Gary holding a beverage or a plate or both—or with food hovering mysteriously in the foreground—are an essential anchor for each post.

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My favorites have to be the double ups: drink in one hand, food in the other.

Even better if that food is on a plate and both food and drink are held at chin level. And a wry grin seals the deal.

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now this is good feedback!

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Yes, Gary, right-- food IS culture! The best part of culture-- thanks for the oyster and ramen photos. I am raring to go. As for Andras Schiff: many years ago, a friend in Budapest took me to see him perform, but when we were seated, a guy came out on stage and said Schiff was "indisposed" and that another fine musician would replace him. My friend said, "Time for a drink, lots of them-- let's get out of here."

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Re the play, the latest item on an endless list of fantasy for adolescentally minded adult consumption, the Gay Movement people for the most part are probably not homosexuals biologically or in any logical way, psycho or otherwise. They are people who unconsciously woke up to the facts of life - that marriage with kids is no longer feasible without committing murder or something close to it and going to prison or committing suicide. This is a political economic reality, along with the unsustainability of the effects of human activity and overpopulation on the environment and all species. Some gay people do marry and are raising children but they might be are the few who are in that precious 1% category, sufficiently wealthy to have gobs and gobs of help. Or they are those for whom living without companionship and without family became unbearable by the age of thirty-something and they have risked all, with the so-called Left's constant applause.

The free for all sex, hetero, bi, homo, without Mother Nature's consequences is going to have evolutionary costs. Yes the couples can adopt the babies of deep urban, multigenerationally unemployed, slum dwellers but that will take a toll also as the genetically impaired won't be able to do much as workers upon reaching adulthood, other than pushing buttons in automated systems. "Try" not to fly on those airplanes.- a whole other area of despair.

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Ah, ramen. I'm so glad it's taken off and we have lots of ramen-ya to choose from, even here in the frickin Pine Barrens. That's culture in my book.

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